Cancellation guarantee and reservation conditions

Here we tell you the cancellation policy for reservations of workshops and courses in The patent . Our proposal is to try to help you as much as possible because we know that you may have last minute changes and plans, but as we work with very small groups we also need a commitment to the reservations made in order to maintain the quality of service and price.

The conditions of reservation and cancellation of workshops and cooking courses in The patent are as follows:

1. It is necessary to pay the entire amount of the reservation in advance. You can make payment online by credit or debit card through the servers of the secure online payment system, or through PayPal. If you prefer, we can also provide you with our account number to pay by bank transfer, or you can visit us at our premises in Villarroel, 123 to pay by cash or card.

2. Reservations will not be considered formally made until the receipt of the corresponding payment has been correctly verified. If for any reason this check cannot be made, we reserve the possibility of assigning your place to another person.

3. If you need to change plans, you can do it up to 7 days before the announced start time for each workshop or activity. To do this, you can self-manage your reservation of this way , and if you have any questions, let us know through a mail to (We do not refund the money paid). After that period, no changes or refunds are allowed, and you can only give your place to a friend or acquaintance.

4. If, having a firm and paid reservation, you notify us after the 7 days foreseen in the cancellation period or you do not show up to the workshop, we will not be able to make changes or refund the money, under any concept (except in the event of the death of a direct relative or hospital admission of the participant – not a relative -. For it it will be necessary to prove it through official documentation) .

5. In intensive courses of more than 1 session, if you want to cancel it once started , They will not be paid (nor will it be valid) for the rest of the sessions of the edition (even giving more than 7 days’ notice).

6. The moment you finalize a reservation through our website, you will be directed to a reservation confirmation page and you will receive a confirmation email with the details of the reservation. Failure to receive the confirmation e-mail for any reason is not considered justified cause to request the return of a reservation.

7. If we cancel a workshop because the minimum viable number of participants is not reached, or for any other reason (except due to force majeure beyond our control. Covid see point 12), we will notify you immediately and we will propose an alternative. We will refund the money without any inconvenience. We reserve the right to cancel any activity for any reason at our own discretion, without this cancellation causing any type of compensation beyond the refund of the amount previously paid for the canceled workshop.

8. Reservations made with gift coupons also admit changes and cancellations, but not the refund of the gift coupon, even in those cases in which the cancellation has been made by La Patente. In these cases we will give you the option to participate in another activity.

9. Reservations made with promotional actions, raffles, contests or any type of free place resulting from participation in any type of campaign or with our collaborators do not admit any type of cancellation. If you do not come to the workshop with a reservation of this type, we will not be able to offer you a new place in another workshop. It is your responsibility to make sure you correctly schedule the activity in which you are going to participate and remember that you can always give your place to someone else, notifying us up to 5 minutes before the workshop.

10. Reservations made through collaborating platforms such as Atrápalo, Foodie & Tours, ZonaRegalo, Civiclub or Club TR3SC are subject to their own cancellation conditions and rules. If you have made a reservation through these or other third-party platforms, you should contact them for any changes or incidents. The conditions mentioned in the previous points do not apply to reservations through said platforms. The Patent will not make exceptions or special treatment that contravenes what is decided by said sales platforms, especially in what has to do with late cancellations or no-shows.

11. Making a reservation at The patent implies acceptance of these conditions.

12. Covid 19. Given the exceptionality of the current moment due to the affectation of Covid 19, in cases in which users cannot attend a Patent workshop, due to infection or to remain in quarantine during this period ; A voucher will be issued for the value of the same, provided that a minimum advance notice has been given before the course, and proving (before or after) a certificate or medical leave to , where the condition described above is indicated.

These cancellation conditions are not applicable in private activities contracted as teambuildings, events or cooking parties, which have different conditions specified by contract or personalized budget.