How to access your online course?

Once you have bought it, to access your online course, you have to go to the section “ My account “to login with your username and password, at the top of our website (see image 1).

Access to my account
Image 1

Once “logged in”, go to online course that you have bought. On the cover you will see the presentation of the course. On the right margin you will find a button to access the first recipe (see image 2).

Start online course
Picture 2

To access the different recipes; you must go to the “Recipes” section and you will find the links to see the content of each one of them. We attach some image captures so you can see where they are (see image 3 and 4).

Access the recipes
Picture 3
Recipe detail
Picture 4

You can access your content as many times as you want. If you have any problem accessing let us know by writing to .

We hope you enjoy the content of our online courses.