Creative Tapas

A very simple proposal: learn very rich, creative and effective dishes: Wow!


At La Patente we know that there comes a time when you have to organize a dinner at home. You may even feel like it and you don’t want to make a potato omelette or rummage through a collection of “traditional” tapas, or maybe you are the best host in your group and want to keep the throne by innovating. This workshop is for you.

Or do you prefer to stop talking and just enjoy a workshop and a great dinner?


2.5-3 hours approximately.

  • How is the workshop

    This is a practical workshop in which we will cook together. It includes all the ingredients and materials for the preparation of the recipes, tasting with wine and soft drinks and didactic material so that you can repeat at home. We cook in sufficient quantities so that we can all eat well. The workshop includes dinner. More information about how the workshops are .

    Recipes that we will prepare

    The recipes change according to season and session.

    To give you an idea, last time we cooked: Vegetable cannoli stuffed with flambéed prawns and tuna with spicy encapsulation, Chicken bao in homemade teriyaki sauce with Japanese mayonnaise, Beet tartare with pickles, turmeric emulsion, crunchy bread and powder tomato, Tapa of Meatballs in red curry sauce and coconut. And a dessert: mango panna cotta with candied orange brunoise in Cointreau syrup.

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