Festive recipes

Dishes to succeed with techniques that will improve our skills in the kitchen

With Àngels Puntas


If you want to innovate or have had to organize a special meal at home and you don’t know where to start, this workshop is for you!

We will prepare sophisticated recipes, adapted so that you can replicate them in your kitchen. Ideal to surprise in a special celebration or to develop your gastronomic skills.


From 2 hours and a half to 3 hours approximately

  • How is the workshop

    This is a theoretical-practical workshop in which we will cook together. It includes all the ingredients and materials for the preparation of the recipes, dinner with wine and soft drinks and didactic material so that you can repeat at home. We cook in sufficient quantities for everyone.

    Required level

    Thanks to the great informative skills of our expert cook, we will be able to learn and assimilate a lot of knowledge in a single session, and the workshop is suitable for all types of audiences.

    In the next session we will prepare:

    • Razors with kimchi musseline gratin and katsobushi.
    • Liquid roast chicken croquette, velouté with confit onion, crunchy panko and truffle spheres.
    • Magret, roasted pumpkin cubes, orange reduction with soy and cocoa soil.
    • Chocolate and foie truffles with salted caramel and neules.

    The recipes are subject to the market product, and may suffer some variation depending on the season and stock.

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