Initiation to bread: Breads to take care of yourself

A unique course in which you will learn the essential recipes with unrefined organic flours.

With Monica from Bons Focs


In this workshop we will learn how to make healthy breads with organic flours and sourdough. We will discover the best flours and recipes for lovers of bread craftsman and from quality. Breads that for its taste and careful preparation will conquer the most demanding palate.

Whole grain breads include complex carbohydrates that fill longer and keep your blood sugar stable, as opposed to refined carbohydrates that cause highs and lows and are less filling.

Whole grains naturally contain fiber, vitamins, and minerals, while refined breads are fiber-free and often have synthetic nutrients.

We offer you an introductory course, with tasting from breads included for all attendees, in which of course we will learn all the practical keys to making the healthiest breads with the best flours.


2 and a half hours, which can be slightly longer depending on the pace of the participants.

  • How is the workshop

    All students will participate in the development of a bread that they can safely bake at home, after understanding the whole process and having worked with their own dough in class. At the end of the workshop there will be a tasting of different breads. The workshop iIt includes all the ingredients and materials for the preparation of the breads and didactic material so that you can repeat at home. In addition, you will take home a tupper with sourdough that our baker will offer you, a mase madre that she has been with her since the beginning of her profession.

    Required level

    Thanks to the great communication skills of our master baker, this workshop is suitable for all audiences.

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