Advanced Market Cooking Intensive Course Start Nov 3

Cooking for every day with ingredients and techniques for those who already enjoy cooking

With Àngels Puntas


In this course of 5 sessions we will learn knowledge and cooking techniques to work with Meats, Fish, Rice, Vegetables, Main cuts in the kitchen (including fish filleting), Broths and funds, in 5 monographic sessions.

Each course consists of a more theoretical part where we talk about the corresponding topic and we learn questions such as distinguishing what type of cut fits each recipe, how to make tastier recipes with homemade broths, how to work with fish cuts, Varieties and different cooking techniques rice … and many others. Afterwards, we all cook 3 recipes per session according to the corresponding topic.

The recipes are adapted to the season and market, but to give you an example of the recipes that we cooked in the last edition of advanced fish were salmon cooked at low temperature with pickled vegetables, lime mayonnaise and ginger air, a tuna tataki with “spirelli” of vegetables and squid with turned vegetables and demiglacé of their juice. On the day the meat was touched, we prepared a duck breast with guarapo sauce, confit onions and crunchy plantain, “Cap i pota” and Iberian sirloin with salt in foie and demiglacé sauce on a dark background and crispy potatoes on a grid. ..


The course consists of 5 sessions of approximately 2 and a half hours.

  • How is the course

    This is a theoretical-practical course in which we will cook together. It includes all the ingredients and materials for the preparation of the recipes, dinner with wine and soft drinks and didactic material so that you can repeat at home. We cook in sufficient quantities for everyone.

    Required level

    This intensive course is designed to address more elaborate recipes than the initial Market course. You can do it as a continuation of the intensive market cooking course, but it is not necessary. If you are interested in the topics that we will discuss, you are already “a cook”, or you want to complete your knowledge beyond the basics, this course will be very useful!

    If you are not an expert, do not panic, thanks to the great informative skills of our expert cook, you will be able to assimilate a lot of knowledge adapted to your level. It is not a more difficult course, but a course where we deal with content that goes beyond the fundamentals, although it requires knowing certain basic skills. If you don’t have them, we recommend the intensive market cooking course .

    What if I can’t come one day?

    Nothing happens, we can make changes flexibly, here we explain more about what happens if you miss a session .

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