Michelin star dishes

Learn to cook and surprise with delicious dishes from chefs with a Michelin star

With Àngels Puntas


An advanced workshop for gourmets in which we will cook a complete four-course menu from the most prestigious Michelin-starred restaurants. A tribute to their kitchens that we dare to take home.

These are sophisticated recipes adapted so that we can replicate them in our kitchen, ideal to surprise in a special celebration or develop our gastronomic skills.

Perfect for gifting!


3 hours approximately

  • How is the workshop

    This is a theoretical-practical workshop in which we will cook together. It includes all the ingredients and materials for the preparation of the recipes, dinner with wine and soft drinks and didactic material so that you can repeat at home. We cook in sufficient quantities for everyone.

    Required level

    Thanks to the great informative skills of our expert cook, we will be able to learn and assimilate a lot of knowledge in a single session, but these are somewhat more complex recipes. The workshop is not recommended for beginners.

    Recipes that we will prepare

    • Gordal olive filled with solid Campari (Lluerna).
    • Leek cream with foie powder, smoked mushroom carpaccio and encapsulated truffle EVOO (Can Jubany).
    • Sea plank risotto with red shrimp, razor clams, cockles and salicornia accompanied by a duo of soft all-i-oli & all-i-oli of plankton (Hofmann).
    • Textures of green apple osmotized in lime and mint syrup, Lemon Gras gelée and kaffir lime and orange air with ginger (Jordi Roca).

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