Strawberry cake, lemon cake (travel cake) and chocolate coulant

Designed for those people who enjoy the "sweet world" and want to get started in pastry with professional techniques

With Victor Gonzalo from MasterChef 6


In this workshop we will make different preparations, all of them with top quality materials and we will work on the main techniques of the best pastry chef.

We will learn about the differences between the different types of dough: such as blanched dough, sandblasted dough, sugar dough, whipped dough …

We will make cakes and pies! We will also prepare different creams and fillings, mousses, ganaches, frostings …

And last but not least, at the end of each class we will enjoy the elaborations made.


3 hours, approximately.

  • How are the classes

    This is a theoretical-practical course in which we will cook together. It includes all the ingredients and materials for the preparation of the recipes, tasting with a drink and didactic material so that you can repeat at home. We cook in sufficient quantities for everyone.

    Here we tell you in more detail how are the classes .

    Recipes that we will prepare *:

    • Strawberry Shortcake
    • Lemon cake (travel cake)
    • Chocolate coulant

    * The recipes change depending on the season and session.

    Make it more intensive

    This workshop is part of the 2nd edition pastry course course. Take the intensive and take all the learning home with you!

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