Vegan gourmet cuisine

Balanced vegan cuisine has health benefits and is capable of providing the necessary essential nutrients.

With Prabhu Sukh and his team


Prabhu sukh is a chef with culinary creations of a high level and one of the most interesting figures in current vegan cuisine.

He is the author of the book Vegan Gourmet , a compilation of recipes for healthy, imaginative and respectful cooking, and you have the opportunity to make your recipe book at La Patente! (with him or / and members of his team)

Its dishes are the result of the fusion of gastronomy and traditions, which stand out for their freshness and creativity. Thanks to his communication skills, his recipes are close and accessible to everyone.

In this course you will learn healthy vegan recipes from Prabhu or his Souschef (depending on the availability of your schedule). Delicious gourmet preparations that you can recreate at home.

* Picture of Prabhu sukh

This course has a gift!

In this workshop we give you a cloth bag with a pack of seaweed from Portomuiños , so you can enjoy cooking at home.


2.5 hours approximately

  • How is the workshop

    This is a practicalworkshop in which we will cook together. It includes all the ingredients and materials for the preparation of the recipes, tasting with wine and soft drinks and didactic material so that you can repeat at home. We cook in sufficient quantities so that we can all eat well.

    Recipes that we will prepare *:

    • Vegetable and seaweed broth.
    • Millet tart with creamy cashew nuts and asparagus in textures.
    • Dry rice with candied artichokes, seaweed and green oil.
    • Heura’s “Canelons de rostit” with death’s trumpets bechamel.
    • Chocolate Textures 2.0.

    ** The recipes change depending on the season and session.

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