How the workshops work

Workshops and practical face-to-face courses

All our face-to-face courses they are intended for adults and they are practical and participatory , we cook together . Both the space and the group dynamics are designed for you to participate in the preparation of all the dishes, because we don’t like to come just to look .

General operation of face-to-face courses

When you get to La Patente you will find everything ready to cook, and we will leave you an apron and a dossier with the printed recipes or contents and tricks on the subject with which we are working.

When we start cooking and have the preparations underway we will offer you a glass of wine or a drink . The usual thing is that the chef in charge of the workshop makes an introduction about the content of the workshop and comments on the recipes and ingredients with which we will work. We always work with fresh market ingredients of the highest quality, because we know that they greatly influence the final result and taste. In the most recommended workshops for beginners We tend to extend a little more in this part and contribute more questions related to cooking techniques and skills.

And immediately to cook! Depending on the recipes and the number of participants, we will distribute the work by groups or tasks or each participant will work in a group or individually on the preparation of their own dish. This is more common in sushi workshops or in those of cake shop , for example, but it depends on each activity.

The duration of the workshop varies from one to another but it is usually between 2 and a half hours and 3 hours . As we want to have fun while we cook, some groups take a little longer because they are chatting or getting to know each other, or because of questions or comments with the teacher.

In the case of organizing a private activity or a gastronomic celebration, it is possible that the format varies because we adapt it to your needs or the dynamics of the group.

Dinner or lunch included (see Covid19 conditions)

After cooking what is prepared, we will share a good meal all together. We always cook in sufficient quantities for everyone, which we accompany with drinks and a good wine. It is not a tasting or tasting, After two hours in the kitchen you deserve to eat well! In the workshops of easy kitchen for tupperware or in some bakeries, the idea is to change dinner for ready-to-go dishes.

You have doubts?

If you have any questions you can consult the help and frequently asked questions or contact us . We will be delighted to help you.