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Paella & Tapas cooking class in English

Enjoy a culinary course where you will learn all the secrets of the gastronomy of Spain and Catalonia.


Our show cooking format consists of one of our paella experts making one very large paella big enough to feed all the guests.

English speaking

While the live cooking demonstration takes place, attendees will be able to participate in the preparation while having a glass of wine while learning step by step how to create the most famous dish in Spain: Paella

Our chef will guide you and show you how to use the typical basic ingredients of our gastronomy: A good virgin olive oil, spices such as saffron and smoked paprika…

After the 60 minutes show cooking, a large buffet table is set up where the guests will find their savory lunch, including a variety of Spanish entrees and the recently made paella.

The guest host would be given the option of making one of the following paellas as the main large show cooking paella.

* If you have any food allergies inform us by sending an email.



  • 2,5 hours session
  • Cava welcome drink
  • Seasonal entrees “tapas” including “Catalan pa amb tomàquet”
  • Paella workshop
  • Dessert: crema catalana
  • Includes: water, wine and soft drink
  • Digital recipe book – Spanish and English
  • Course led by professional CHEF
  • A practical course
  • Includes gastro souvenir
  • English speaking





The guests will be divided into groups and cooking stations, each cooking station will be in charge of preparing (with the guidance of our chef)  enough of one type of a traditional tapa for the entire group.

  • “Payés” artisan catalan bread with tomato and a good extra virgin olive oil ” Pa amb tomàquet”
  • Spanish tortilla “tapa”
  • Spanish ham “jamón” tapa.
  • “Patatas bravas” tapa – typical recipe of potatoes with an special spanish sauce.


Paella workshop

  • A great traditional paella will be prepared so that all the guests can taste it without restrictions. After the course, our guests sit together at our table to share their paella and tapas creations with excellent local wine and conversation.


  • Tradicional Crema catalan


  • 2,5h aprox (including market tour)




  • How is the course

    This is a theoretical-practical course – in which we will cook together. It includes all the ingredients and materials for the elaboration of the recipes, tasting with drinks and didactic material so that you can repeat at home. We cook in sufficient quantities for everyone.

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