cooking workshops and teambuilding activities

gastronomic experiences and participatory activities for companies

Teambuilding workshops

Working collaboratively in the kitchen is very enriching to develop the cohesion and teamwork skills of many teams, being able to build specific tailor-made activities of creative cooking, blind cooking or challenges and competitions for buying and preparing.

Presentations to bloggers and press

Whether you have a product related to gastronomy or not, accompanying a presentation of a gastronomic experience will help you cultivate relationships with your contacts, from a beautiful and central space.

Gastronomic experiences

With a wide variety of themes, we design kitchen experiences with a more playful component in which the focus is to enjoy a different lunch or dinner, having a fun time in a group outside the office.

Travel and incentives

A workshop to enjoy the local gastronomy in a fun and authentic way cannot be missed on an incentive trip or for visiting groups in the city. Participate in a quality lunch or dinner in which your guests can be in contact with our cooks, learn about cooking and enjoy the best local ingredients.

Original meetings

Often times, changing context and moving away from everyday obligations can improve the results of a meeting or presentation. At La Patente, we have a 99m2 open space with a work table, projector or whiteboard that allows presentations and meetings to be held in an original environment.

Rental of spaces and filming

The Patent allows the development of all kinds of activities, filming , photo shoots … a large space with high ceilings that can be easily adapted to various uses and where you can work very comfortably.

Top-notch teachers and ingredients

We take care of the quality of the experiences we organize. We work with professional chefs with great skills to energize groups and with the best ingredients on the market to achieve the highest quality of results.

Groups of all sizes

We have organized workshops for 8 guests or events with 220 people cooking at the same time. We work in our premises in Eixample, in-company or in beautiful spaces with which we collaborate.

We can work with different themes of market or international cuisine, cocktails, “masterchef”, wines, cocktails, tapas …; In different languages… We adapt to your needs.

You can trust us

In our six years of history, more than 30,000 people have cooked with us and we have organized teambuilding activities or events in Barcelona for more than 320 top-level companies.

Whether you are an event, advertising or public relations agency, a production company, a marketing or human resources manager … we know that organizing activities for a company can involve many steps. We come from that world, we speak your language and we know how to solve everything in a simple, efficient and attentive way.

Professional coaching and team building

If you want a more advanced service, we can combine the cooking sessions in teams with other types of training and skills development activities, led by a professional coach.

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