I have a gift card or coupon

If you have been given a La Patente gift card, here we explain how you can exchange it for your face-to-face or online cooking course.

What workshop can I choose?

The gift card is equivalent to a coupon for a certain economic amount. The amount of the coupon changes depending on what the person who gave it to you decides. If you want to know the amount of your coupon Contact us .

Through our website you can book any face-to-face workshop in our space in Barcelona or choose to buy one or more online courses .

If you have made a reservation in one of our face-to-face courses or have bought one of our online courses and you still have money left over because your coupon is for a higher amount, you can save the difference to do another activity or purchase some of our online courses .

If the coupon is less than the workshop you want to do or you want to come accompanied, you can pay the difference at the time of booking .

Does the card they have given me expire?

No, the card never expires.

How do I make the reservation?

First of all, browse our catalog of face-to-face courses or our offer of online courses to choose what you prefer. Go through the normal reservation process by clicking on “reserve my place” and fill in the information requested. Before paying, it will ask you to enter a discount coupon. Write your code and apply the changes and you will see that the amount of the gift card will be automatically deducted. If it doesn’t work, or you have any problem, Contact us .

You can choose several places, in one or different courses, buy face-to-face and online courses, adding it to your “shopping cart”, apply the coupon and pay the difference at the time of booking. Payment can be done by PayPal, credit card or bank transfer. You can see more details about the payment process at the time of booking.

They gave me a workshop but I have lost the card and the code

Do not worry. When a gift card is ordered from us, we ask for the name of the person to whom it is given. Contact us and we will try to locate your gift and help you so that you can make a reservation.